Interview with Marco Solustri – Part I

Marco Solustri is one of the most experienced Coaches of the World Tour. After playing in Italy and on the AVP he was among the first coaches to work on a professional level. In the meantime he has almost 30 years of experience under his belt. Read the interview, in which he talks about the evolution of the game and his view of Beachvolleyball.

Marco, you are one of the most renowned coaches on the World Tour and probably the most experienced one. We would like to talk with you about the evolution of the game -including coaching- at top level over the last 25-30 years… Let’s have a look at the general development first…The game has changed a lot over these years…

Many people say so but I’ll be a bit provocative and go against it: I don’t think the changes are that big. Kiraly/Steffes and Jacky/Sandra – the Gold medal winners of the first Olympic Games in Beachvolleyball in Atlanta 1996 – would still be competitive today…


Interview with Simon Nausch

The interview with Simon Nausch is the last in the series of interviews with the IBVCA Coaches of the year. The austrian coach works very succesful with a czech team (Hermannova/Slukova now, Kolocova/Slukova before) and talks among many topics about his philosophy of beachvolleyball and future developments in our sport.



Interview with Reis Castro

Reis Castro qualified 4 times in a row with Brazilian women teams for the Olympics (Juliana/Larissa twice, Larissa/Talita and now Ana Patricia/Rebecca). That is a very difficult and quite amazing achievement. In this interview he talks about his coaching style and his development as a coach.

Let’s talk about your coaching style and philosophy first: What are the similarities and differences in leading Larissa/Juliana and now Ana Patricia/Rebecca to World Class top level?

I’m a big believer in respect. Respect is the foundation I build on.  Larissa/Juliana both have strong personalities, they learned quickly to make decisions both on and off the court making my work easier. My leadership role was focused on planning training sessions and strategy.
With Rebecca/Ana Patricia I keep in mind that they are young athletes and that they have a long career ahead.
Despite their differences, my philosophy and strategy for both teams is the same, always teaching them to have the mindset of a champion.

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Interview with Kare Mol

Kare Mol was voted IBVCA Coach of the year. In this interview he talks about his philosophy, about his team and about future developments.

You are coaching the best men’s team in the world. How would you describe your coaching style and your measurements to keep the team on top and to keep improving?

Style is something you build over long time together with the team you are working with. Style can be different from the team you coach and depends on what they need. In my coaching head I am looking for one thing. How can we do things better in every way, how can we improve the game. We always discuss this together within the coaches’ staff and the players. The first thing is building trust. Trust within our team, to speak honestly, not to blame, but to push our limits, always looking for improvement.

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