IBVCA Mission

The IBVCA is a non-profit association committed to help the growth of beach volleyball through a unified, transparent and professional platform. We are committed to elevating the beach volleyball coaching profession in collaboration
with all stakeholders of the sport.

The IBVCA was formed in 2017 in at the FIVB World Championships

3 Objectives of the IBVCA

  1. Work together with Stakeholders to help DEVELOP THE SPORT.

2. Work together with Stakeholders of the sport to RECOGNISE THE ROLE of the Beach Volleyball Coach within the

3. Work together with Stakeholders of the sport to improve the processes of Beach Volleyball Coaching QUALIFICATIONS AND ACCREDITATION.

9 Values of the IBVCA

1. Transparency
2. Knowledge
3. Growth
4. Professionalism
5. Collaboration
6. Integrity
7. Respect
8. Fair Play
9. Sustainability

The IBVCA Board