How the Corona-situation influences Beach Volleyball Practices in the IBVCA Community

How the Corona-situation influences Beach Volleyball Practices in the IBVCA Community

We asked our member coaches to give us a quick glimpse, if and how practices can be conducted in their countries. These were the questions: Are you back to practice? Are there any restrictions for the practice? Are amateur players allowed to practise and play as well? Read the answers here…

Switzerland (Christoph Dieckmann):

Players of the national teams (also juniors) are allowed to practise since last week. Up to 4 players in one practise are allowed. There are no other restrictions for the practise/playing itself. The Swiss Federation and each sports facility had to present a protection concept. For before and after practise there are strict measurements which have to be respected and followed (not having shower at the facility, not staying longer at the facility, usual social distancing).

Amateurs are allowed to practise as well but with keeping distance during the playing as well (no block etc). Maximum 2 players per court.

Australia (Simon Naismith):

Overall our rules and regulations for return to training environment is governed by state (provincial) level. So it is a little different across Australia at present. However at our National training base we have been back in training since Tuesday 12th May. We don’t have too many restrictions to practice on the sand, simply no scrimmage matches or match play and some strong protocols pre and post training that must be followed. We do not have access to our Strength gym but hope to gain access in 2 weeks time. So all gym strength sessions are still conducted individually at home.

Amateur players in Beach Volleyball (outdoors) can return to training. No matches or competition. There is no indoor volleyball at present training or competition. Only outdoors sports in Australia are allowed currently.

Best wishes to everybody in our Beach Volleyball family around the world during these challenging times. Stay safe and healthy

Italy (Terenzio Feroleto):

We went back to practice last week. We can train only individual and closed doors. We have rules about time line and and prevention to respect. In this moment, and  I think until next 2 week, only the national Olympic team will be able to train. All the beach sport are forbidden.

I can train alone with one player at time, every player has personal balls, and other rules during session. No bathroom or stretching zone! But now we can train

Japan (Tsuyoshi):

There are no beach volleyball courts available (beach volleyball poles and nets are being removed at some courts) for players in Japan right now even if it is not prohibited from playing beach volleyball.  We cannot   practice beach volleyball like before. 

We try to practice as much as we can, however it is limited practice because we avoid close contact setting, crowed places and closed spaces.

It is the same situation for amateur players in Japan.

Spain (Seba Menegozzo):

Yes we are back in practice. With some restrictions: social distance (2 mts ) and 2 players max .

Amateurs will be able to train from 25.05 with the same restrictions. The beach will open to everyone so I don’t know very well how police will control that .

Poland (Damian Wojtasik):

Our government allowed us to practice 2 weeks ago in groups less then 6 people, but this is more for amateurs because we still can’t use our facilities from ministry.  But we are coming back official 1 of June. Gyms with weights are still closed for everybody. Amateurs can play.

Belgium (Michiel van Kuip):

The Beach volleyball situation in Belgium as far as I know is as follows:

The national program (read Koekelkoren-van Walle) started training again this week with staff. This means physical training and ball training with trainers. The last months they trained at home with an individual program. We follow the rules from the government and federation regarding Covid-19. That means cleaning all our stuff before and after practice and respect social distancing(also during practice) For example, no blocking with a normal attack situation etc.

In general in Belgium:

-there will be no national Beach volleyball tournaments organized .

– most beachclubs in Belgium are not active because they cannot organize the training by the rules of the local governements, which are strict!

The good news is that we will start with a top sport junior beachvolleyball school program this september in Leuven. We use this Corona period to prepare this new beachvolleyball school.

Germany (Morph Bowes):

We’ve been able to practice for the last two weeks. It’s also helped that the weather is good so we can train outside.

Restrictions: We are still only allowed to practice in small groups (max 4 athletes and 1 coach) with distance between everybody. We can also use our gym, here it’s also maximum of 4 athletes and 1 trainer at a time in the gym with specific time slots and 15mins between group, to reduce crossover.

For all the sessions we have to report who was at the session and send this to the center manager so he has a record of who trained where, when and with whom.

On the 14th of May amateur players were allowed to play outside as well. I’m not sure the rules they have to follow, but I’m sure it’s inline with government guidelines – 1.5 m distance between players and no contact.

Netherlands (Richard de Kogel):

We are allowed to train again since the 29th of april. Only the ones who have some sort of selection status are allowed to train. A lot of new protocols were made to make it happen.

We’re allowed to train with max. 4 players on one court and with fixed couples and balls. We’re playing without blocking when the attack is at the net and we can block when the attack is behind the ‘3-meter line’.

The situation evolved pretty quickly lately. So at this moment amateur players are also allowed to play, but they have to keep the 1,5m distance towards each other.

Austria (Martin Plessl):

We could start practicing on the courts on the 27th of april, but with very strict rules. No more than 4 players on a full court, players are required to keep a distance of 2 meters, no game situations are allowed, we shall use static drills to ensure no contact between players can occur. Also we can not use locker rooms or showers at our facility. And of course all the usual hygiene measurements apply. The early start in april was only for a list of 15-20 selected players, who are either in the military/police or who have a history with international tournaments. Although the restrictions influence the way we practice heavily, after the quarantine this was still a good way to get used to moving on the sand again. We hope that a new protocol involving COVID19-tests will be implemented soon, which would allow us to practice in a normal way again.

Amateur players are allowed back on the beach since may 15th, with the same restrictions.