Archives May 2020

How the Corona-situation influences Beach Volleyball Practices in the IBVCA Community

We asked our member coaches to give us a quick glimpse, if and how practices can be conducted in their countries. These were the questions: Are you back to practice? Are there any restrictions for the practice? Are amateur players allowed to practise and play as well? Read the answers here…

Interview with Helke Claasen

Helke Claasen had some success as a player (WC 5th, ECH 5th) before she started as a coach. She was part of the coaches team around Ludwig/Walkenhorst and is one of the very few female beachvolleyball coaches. Read more about here thoughts in our interview.

FIVB article about Kirk Pitman

In the recent months FIVB had some nice features about beachvolleyball coaches. Here a new one about Kirk Pitman:

Interview with Victor Anfiloff about the Beach Volleyball Program in the Netherlands



Victor was succesfully coaching women and men in Netherlands and Australia with a couple of podiums and even a World Championship Gold Medal under his belt. Since 2019 he is Head Coach for the men’s side of the national team program. In this interview he speaks about the National Federation Program in the Netherlands.