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Interview with Ricardo de Freitas on Beach volleyball and Coaching in Brazil

Ricardo de Freitas is one of the most successful Brazilian coaches of the last years: he won the World Championships in 2015 and the Olympic Silver Medal in 2016 (both with Agatha/Barbara). He also won (how many?) Brazilian National Tour Titles. His father Bebeto de Freitas was a very famous and successful Volleyball player and coach.


Rico, let’s start with some more general questions… How popular is Beach volleyball as a Sport in Brazil? In terms of people playing, TV ratings, degree of popularity of players and sport? Is it widely considered as professional, high-performance sport?

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FIVB article featuring Coach Scott Davenport

More and more coaches in Beachvolleyball are featured in articles on the FIVB news page. Recently they published a story about Scott Davenport, who coached Pavan/Humana-Paredes to their World Championship victory in Hamburg 2019. Read the full article here:

How Coaches and Athletes Around the World Handle the Corona-Situation – Part I

IBVCA was interested to know how Coaches and Athletes around the world are handling the Corona-situation and what kind of restrictions they have to face right now. We asked them the following questions:

  1. How is the situation in general in your country? What are the restrictions for the people? And for the athletes?
  2. How are your athletes training at the moment? Are they still able to practice in the normal way?

Here are the first answers of some of our fellow coaches!

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Interview with Tyler Hildebrand on Beachvolleyball and Coaching in US



Tyler Hildebrand is Director of Coaching for the USA Beach National teams. Read here, what is behind this interesting title, how he fills the new position in a country with a history of independently working but very succesful teams and how he views the development of beachvolleyball in the US.


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Interview with Leticia Pessoa
Leticia is among the most successful coaches in the sport of beachvolleyball. She worked among others with such accomplished players as Emanuel, Alison, Ricardo, Carol, Agatha and Duda. Read here how she became a coach, what advice she gives female coaches and what pieca of advice was important for her own developoment.
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Coaches of Stoyanovskiy/Krasilnikov in the focus of FIVB-news article

In case you have missed it: Rivo Vesik and Slava Nyrka, coaches of 2019 World Championships Stoyanovskiy/Krasilnikov, played a major role when planning the 2019 season that led to the big title. Read the FIVB article here:—stoyanovskiy?id=90467